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CommGap offers full-cycle solutions for software, app, and website localization:  Consulting, Internationalization, Localization, Quality Assurance
Our engineers apply a process-oriented methodology to break down the sometimes-difficult tasks of software localization, and work with your engineering teams to improve the localizability of your application or website. We understand that often, localized versions need to roll out at the same time that the source language is released. To meet this urgency, CommGap provides a dedicated project manager to communicate closely with your teams to ensure the localization project is completed timely and on-budget.  
globalize your website

Need iOS or Android app localization?

Mobile localization has its own challenges, and CommGap is here to help you navigate through them. Whether iOS or Android, small or large apps, we will help you reach your international audience in the most efficient way.  

Globalize your website:

Localizing your website into several languages, no matter the amount of content to translate, can seem like a daunting task. CommGap can make it easy by integrating your CMS and e-Commerce platforms to our Translation Management System for automated submission and content delivery. A successful process to cut costs and save time.

Multimedia and E-learning

CommGap provides a full range of multimedia and e-Learning services, helping you deliver content worldwide.

Whether it is Human Resources and compliance training, school contents or how-to guides, we’ll ensure your message is clearly and accurately delivered, making it a seamless experience for your audience, no matter what language they speak.

We support most standard e-Learning authoring tools, such as Storyline Articulate 360, Adobe Captivate, Lectora and others, reducing all the burden on your end to convert content to be localized.

multimedia services
For audiovisual content, whether it’s part of an e-Learning training or standalone videos or audio, we offer a full range of services. From transcription, subtitle creation and translation, to voice-over and video editing capabilities, CommGap has the experience and solutions to meet your needs.

Whatever the complexity of your project, CommGap offers tailored solutions to fit your needs, all within your budget. Our team includes experienced top-notch linguists, voice talents, engineers and designers, all working together to deliver excellent results.  

We are ready to help you with:

Desktop Publishing

Transcription and Subtitling

Transcription Subtitling

Voice Overs

Voice Overs


Globalization Consultation and Transcreation

Whether it is branding or advertising for new markets, CommGap’s multicultural marketing solutions can help ensure that your message or product produces maximum impact.

Globalization/Cultural Consulting:

When it comes to checking if the name of a product works in a specific language or culture, or ensuring that images or graphic elements are appropriate, CommGap can help you make intelligent marketing decisions. Our experts will assist you or your advertising agency every step of the way so you can reach your target audience with confidence.

Transcreation and Content Adaptation:

While a standard translation process attempts to follow the source as closely as possible, when dealing with advertising and marketing it is imperative to transform the message for the target audience.

This special skill, referred to as “transcreation” (re-creating the text) can only be achieved by highly specialized linguists with extensive experience in marketing and creative writing translations. They will present several options with explanations for your review until that perfect match is found.

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