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How International Language Services Can Help Your Tech Company Go Global

One in every three IT companies intends to expand overseas in the next twelve months. If that’s you, you may have already thought about the practicalities of an international growth strategy.

You must add translation and interpretation to your priority list. That’s because most overseas growth strategies come with the challenge of a new language barrier.

So can international language services help you overcome these difficulties? Can they increase your chance of a successful global expansion? Let’s take a look.

Language Services Will Help You Communicate with Overseas Customers and Suppliers

A language barrier can slow communication. That’s a problem when running a company. You’re dealing with multiple emails and phone calls daily.

For example, suppose you need to tell an overseas customer that their delivery date for an order has changed.

That might seem straightforward, but different languages make this tricker. What’s more, you run the risk of miscommunication.

Perhaps a translation goes amiss. Maybe the customer thinks their order is canceled rather than delayed, for example. That sort of misunderstanding can cost you business.

The same goes when dealing with overseas suppliers. There will be times when you need to make a specific request. Getting accurate information to them (and promptly) is critical for your business operations.

Improve Your Customer Service

Customers want to feel heard. And by offering customers service support in their native language, you will make them feel important and valued.

It will also help you resolve customer issues faster and with more favorable resolutions. The upside is happier customers. The bonus is that you’ll receive more positive reviews and customer recommendations.

If you offer customer service support in multiple languages, ensure it’s evident in your marketing material and website. It’s a great benefit to be able to showcase.

Create Bilingual Websites

A bilingual or multilingual website will help you stand out from your competition.

And it’s a handy feature when trying to expand overseas. That’s because some potential customers will only browse their website if they can do so in their native language.

When translating your website, start with core content such as menu items and headings. After that, prioritize service and product descriptions and the checkout process.

Your final step is translating supporting pages, such as your about us page and news articles.

Interpret One-to-One Conversations

Perhaps you have an important meeting with a potential customer. Or maybe you have an appointment to secure office facilities or find suppliers in a new country.

One-to-one meetings need the support of an in-person interpreter. An interpreter will help you communicate effectively and make the best use of everyone’s time.

An interpreter will also be welcome and appreciated by the person you intend to meet. They will see it as a sign that you have thought about their needs and take the meeting seriously.

That’ll help any international expansion go a bit smoother, as you won’t be left with communicating via Google translate, which might slow you down.

Accurately Translate Technical Documents

Technical documentation, like product specifications, often contains critical and specific information. You can’t afford to allow customers, suppliers, or third parties to misinterpret what it means.

That could have many unintended consequences, such as broken code or missing functionality.

Always use an experienced and professional translator who can ensure 100% accuracy on any wording in those documents.

Doing so will reduce your risk of problems during any technical project, which could lead to additional costs or delays.

Accurately Translate Product and Service Descriptions

Tech companies often have to put much thought and effort into product and service descriptions.

That’s often a challenge, even in the company’s native language. Complex information must get adapted into something meaningful, captivating, and easy for customers to understand.

It’s the same situation when expanding overseas. And you might need to consider using translation services to ensure all those critical marketing messages remain punchy in whatever language you choose to publish.

Doing so will help you convert more potential customers. Ultimately, that helps boost your company’s revenue as you expand internationally.

Help You Connect with Potential Customers

It’s not only customers and suppliers you must impress when expanding overseas. You also need to consider all those potential customers in the form of marketing leads.

You might connect with these leads via email, your website, social media, or google advertising. But in all those cases, your marketing efforts will be far more successful if you can speak to those groups in their first language.

It’ll mean better sales conversions, and your international expansion will most likely be a success.

Improve Your International Presence and Strengthen Your Brand

Finally, consider what a multilingual business will do for your brand image. Internationally you’ll be seen as a serious player, and it will help you develop some moments when trying to launch your products or services.

That’ll have a positive influence in other areas too. For example, you may draw the attention of journalists and secure a press release for your business expansion.

That, in turn, will help boost your revenue and sales inquiries. So language translation, when done right, can have a snowball effect on a business.

When you think about it from that angle, any upfront expense could be offset by its boost to your brand image and long-term sales.

Are You Ready to Let CommGap International Language Services Support Your Business?

If you want to expand globally, don’t let language differences hinder your success. Using international language services is a wise choice and will help you move faster and smoother as you grow your business. CommGap is committed to helping tech companies like yours expand their reach and communicate clearly with their customers.

You can get more information now about our language services, including translation and interpretation. Let us see how we can help you with your growth plans. Head here for a free quote from our team.


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